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IQ test results depend on your vigilance, so don't take the tests until you are ready. If you are tired, highly anxious or distracted by other things you will inevitably perform less well. On the other hand, if you take the same test over and over the results will be overestimated because of the learning process. If you want to know your accurate IQ you should take various IQ tests with long time intervals in between. IQ score will probably be different because different tests measure different aspects of intelligence (1st level: verbal vs. nonverbal). Nevertheless, all of these reviewed tests also measure the general factor of intelligence.

Only psychologists can give You a real test of intelligence, but online tests are very similar, so have fun, nothing more.

You can find additional resources about measurement in psychology at Encyclopedia of psychology. - short and free online IQ test. Besides global IQ test result, you'll also get a profile score for each subtest: verbal IQ, mathematical IQ, spatial IQ (visualization and orientation of objects in space), logic, pattern recognition (order in chaos), general knowledge, short time memory, visualization and classification. Those subtests names imply face validity, not factorial. The test actually measures one general factor of intelligence, and has a rather good validity compared to other IQ tests.

BBC IQ test free - interactive culturally biased IQ test for UK citizens over the age of 16. There is a time limit for instructions, item exposure and answering the items / questions. BBC IQ Test includes questions on logic, perception and visual reasoning as well as testing your powers of observation and memory. There are 70 items in six subtest groups: Brain teasers (analogies, road trip, Everyday Symbols), Memory (Word Combinations, Famous Faces, Advancing Letters), Logic (Visual Illusions, Vocabulary, Painting by Numbers), Reasoning (Code Sums, Altered Objects), Perception (Morphed Faces, Spot the Difference), and More brain teasers (Down the Tube, Analogies). After the test you'll get your IQ and subtest scores.

Popular Raven's Progressive Matrices are no longer available online for free. Raven's Progressive Matrices are easily and widely applied to measure the general factor of Intelligence (g). To get more detailed information about the intellectual functioning of an individual, psychologists use heterogeneous tests like WAID-III instead of RPM. - the society welcomes people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population, with the objective of enjoying each other's company and participating in a wide range of social and cultural activities.. Among many Mensa tests this is the best one: nonverbal IQ test online by Mensa Denmark (similar to Raven's test). Second best: mensa workout.

Intelligence tests on Similarminds portal: Visual Pattern Test (15 question), Number Pattern Test (15 questions) and  Vocabulary Test (<10 minutes; beta version)

IQ test - Danish IQ test available in English, Spanish, German and Danish language. Actually, language is not important, this test is non-verbal, you can solve it without reading the instructions. Time limit is 40 minutes, but result is independent on the time you use to finish the test.

Free IQ Test - fast, free and accurate online iq test. We don't have precise information about how accurate this test is, but you can see for your self how good it is by comparing the score on this test with the scores on other similar online IQ tests. - "the Classical IQ test" is owned by The Monster Network ( The test is now free. About 10 years ago it was commercial and globally advertised as IQ test and now it is referred to as a "quizz". The quizz has 40 questions. You need to register with an e-mail to view the results. - a short demo IQ test. After only 5 minutes it gives an estimate of your IQ. You'll probably get a high score because it is made to attract You to pay for the complete commercial version.

Free IQ Test - The world's quickest free IQ test. Last but not least ;-)


Commercial IQ tests


IQ Test - the Complete IQ test at 3SmartCubes is one of the most popular IQ test on the net. The Complete IQ Test is based on the Cattell's Scale. The IQ test score has a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 24. The IQ test has 30 questions and is testing you on Verbal, Mathematical, Spatial Reasoning, Visual/Perceptual Skills. The test is timed at 20 minutes. has a member base of around 5 million people worldwide. The site serves these members by providing them an insight to their personality traits through its 30 premium tests and around 500 fun tests on the site, in addition to The Complete IQ Test. - similar to real IQ tests like the Standford-Binet, Raven's Matrices, and WAIS tests. In one internal study the GIQTest correlated within about 4% of an individual's full scale score on a clinically proctored IQ test. The test is modeled after these clinical IQ tests: Stanford-Binet® 3rd and 5th edition, Raven's Progressive Matrices®, Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, CogAt, Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Leiter International Performance Scale®, WAIS®, and Cattell IQ assessments. The GIQTest score and report cost $10.

Contest to name the smartest country in Europe. This IQ test is nonverbal, similar to Raven's Progressive Matrices. Pick Your country: United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Nederland, France, Romania, Norway, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Greece. - IQ tests: Emotional IQ test, Classical IQ test, Verbal IQ test, Spatial IQ test, Culture-Fair IQ test. Queendom offers several professionally developed and validated IQ assessments to put your mental powers to the test! Besides IQ, on Queendom you can learn more about your career, personality, relationship, health, attitudes & lifestyle.

List of tests used by the psychologists in the Center for Psychological Studies at Nova Southeastern University (Florida). You can get info about scoring, reliability, validity, norms, and suggested use of listed tests. For example: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - 4th Edition (WAIS-IV)

Another similar list is available at: & -instead of two completely free IQ tests: eCMA (with 6 subtests: analogies, factual knowledge, memory, sequential reasoning, and analogical reasoning) and advanced TA3 that was calibrated to measure above-average abilities, now the site Highiqsociety offers a commercial test, called gigi. It is similar to the famous Raven's progressive matrices. This version can distinguish subjects with very high intelligence. You have to achieve a result which theoretically can be achieved by less than 5% of the most intelligent people in the world, and it's IQ = 124 with the standard deviation 15. Testing takes 30 minutes and costs $ 4 and above.

Intelligence is what you use when you don't know what to do. ~ Jean Piaget

Welcome to free IQ test reviews. Here you'll find only the best online tests and questionnaires. Examine your intelligence even today.

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"Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done."
Linus Torvalds

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